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Appraiser Trainee Forms Guide

Are you ready to start a career in residential appraising?

Take control of your training and start learning today with these on-line manuals for every major appraisal report form!  Get a head start and begin your appraising career today! 

Trainee Guides for each major appraisal form:

1004, 1073, 1004c, 1025, Land, 2090 



1004, 1073, 1025, 1004c, 2090, Land

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UAD guidelines for each applicable section



Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Guidelines



Quality Condition House Style View Examples

Learn how to fill out the major Appraisal Forms with these online Trainee Guides!

They will help teach you how to complete each major appraisal form!  Get a head start and save yourself from countless hours of training time! 


Gain unlimited access to each Form Guide providing you answers whenever you need it. 


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are going to update the forms at some point. With this in mind, we reduced the price from $250 all the way down to only $150. These should pay for themselves within days! 

We are also planning on continued updates based on feedback. And, depending on the layout of the future forms, we plan on providing updated guides as well if possible. Get in now...and you will have access later!


If you are not fully satisfied, we will provide a full refund within 5 days of purchase.