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Helping build the future of Appraising

Appraisers helping appraisers build our future.


I want to help other Supervisory Appraisers so they do not have to go through the same frustrations I did!


It took me 10 years to learn how to find an All-Star Trainee, step by step process of training (The Blueprint to Success), tech tools to help the process (including the Appraisal Form Guides), and more.

So I created The Successful Supervisor Course so we can stop the frustrating Trainee cycle! No more wasting money, time, and training your competition. My now $1,500,000/year company is proof it works!


The Appraisal Form Guides (ready for all in December 2020) were created for our trainees to answer the inevitable question after question, to help save us time. Now they can be yours. We wanted to expedite the training process for our supervisors and our trainees and make life easier for everyone involved in the process. Now you can help yourself and your trainee by taking advantage of these guides  to help answer those pesky data entry questions. Trust us, your trainee will thank you while you thank us for saving hour after hour!

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