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Learn about me and the Appraiser Supervisor Resource Center and find out how I can help you on your road to success!

My Interview with Appraisal Buzz

My Story as requested by RE Magazine

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I founded my residential appraising company in 2008. The orders were rolling in that first year thanks to my Supervisors who provided the foundation for me to be successful. So, I decided to start training appraiser Trainees to help out and eventually provide supplemental income. 

After several years and several trainees later, all I had to show for it was, one other Certified Appraiser. Not only that, but I was still working long hours trying to train and establish the company. But it was not all wasted time, because all of those mistakes provided me time to figure it out! 


My company subsequently grew to over 10 appraisers and grossed over $1,650,000 in the last year!


In July 2021, my residential appraising company was acquired by True Footage, Inc.  Although I am no longer providing the Blueprint to Success or the Successful Supervisor on-line course, I am redefining the appraisal industry throughout the nation with True Footage, Inc.!


Please contact me to see if it is a good fit for you.

Brian Ahrens

Head of Valuation Operations

True Footage, Inc.

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