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My Story as requested by RE Magazine

I started my appraising company in 2008. The orders were rolling in that first year thanks to my Supervisors who provided the foundation for me to be successful. Too many orders in fact. Working long hours day after day while doing it all myself was not the reason I started a business. So, I decided to start training appraiser Trainees to help out and eventually provide supplemental income. However, what I did not realize was, it is exceedingly difficult to be successful at training Trainees!

After seven years and several trainees later, all I had to show for it other Certified Appraiser. Not exactly the business dream I had thought it was going to be. Not only that, but I was still working long hours trying to train and establish the company. But it was not all wasted time, because all of those mistakes provided me time to figure it out! And over the past five years, I have!


My company has now grown to over 10 All-Star appraisers and grossed over $1,500,000 last year!

I know being a Supervisor and training Trainees can be frustrating, time consuming, and costly. It was for me! But I figured out how it does not have to be. I created Appraiser Supervisor Resource Center to help you so you can put a stop the frustrating Trainee cycle! 


Help yourself and your Trainee by learning how to do it the modern way!


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- Brian Ahrens